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Carrie Maclennan

Posted on September 21 2015

When you sit down at your desk to compile a special, motivational, Monday morning playlist to share with everyone on Spotify and track one is Psycho Killer // Talking Heads, you should probably do the decent thing and just crawl back to bed and wait for whatever-it-is to pass. I'm pretty sure the rain's to blame. Or Mercury. 

I didn't crawl back to be bed. Instead, I spent the day procrastinating and harumphing and eating strawberry jelly. Not all bad, granted. And in an ode to a dull and dreary Monday I'm looking forward to seeing the back of, I'm donning my pinkest frock, dusting off my recorder for the first time in decades and playing you a song. My husband and I made a backing track on NanoStudio and everything. Complete with extra harumphing from me, for effect. 




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