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'It is easier to just do the work'. A wise woman told me that once. And she was right. I routinely find myself one minute excited by a new project idea then moments later, tangled up in knots over the ifs, buts and maybes of it. 'What if this is rubbish?' 'But I'm not a real artist.' 'Maybe I could do that piece of writing - but probably shouldn't because someone much cleverer than me will criticise my over-use of the hyphen and I'll be exposed as a fraud and an imbecile.' Then I remember. 'It is easier to do the work than it is to worry about doing the work'. 

If you need a little encouragement to make a leap, a nudge to stop procrastinating, or help to gag the negative ninny in your brains - this curated story is for you. Wear your Do Work pin. Take comfort in the fact that no one really knows what they're doing. Write those ideas down in your Fracture notebook and make them real, one by one. Then, if someone happens to give you money for your efforts - put it in your Pocket Money purse!