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Oh, to be able to see the future... Just for a minute or two.

What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Will I ever finish reading The Andy Warhol Diaries? Que sera, sera. 

Since my psychic abilities are, let's say, 'questionable' (though I do seem to have an utterly useless gift of predicting celebrity scandals and talk show guest line-ups), I can't tell you what the future holds for you, but I can be generally supportive and optiMYSTIC and say things like, 'The future is bright!' 

I've curated this mini Not The Kind story to encourage you to whip up all the positive cosmic energy you can, and, even though you've no damn idea what's in store for you, get dreaming, scheming and hoping and planning for whatever comes next. 

Keep little things in your Palm plate, drink tea from your OptiMYSTIC mug, wear your Then & Now pin and circle those important future date on your 2018 Mini Calendar.