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Run from my home studio in East London and curated and everything-ed by me, the Not The Kind gallery & gift shop is home to a colourful selection of design-led gifts, affordable art, homeware, stationery and Super Cool Accessories For Life. 

I only stock work by artists, designers and indie brands I truly love and enjoy. And so, with colours clashing and patterns splashing all over the place, I handpick items that, for whatever reason, make me feel giddy/excited/hysterical in the hope they might make you feel giddy/excited/hysterical too. 

Every last item featured in the shop has been chosen very specifically - either because it has a story attached or because it has inspired one. I'll share the stories with you. I might write them, I might film them, sing them... And I can't promise there won't come a time when I feel I just have to dance them.  

Not many people can say they started working in retail when they were 2 years old, but I can. Piss-poor customer service makes my toes bunch. That's why I promise to treat you nice.