Boobs Pin


Boobs! Your Boobs pin is handmade in East London by the very wonderful Lucie Ellen. Lucie Ellen* is The Best.

Your pin is hand cut from 3mm birch plywood and the nipple details are painted on in black paint and sealed with varnish. Your pin has a gold plated brooch pin on the reverse. 

Just like no two pairs of boobs are the same, no two boobs pins are the same either. They come in varying shapes and sizes and their wonks are to be celebrated and cherished. Roughly speaking, as a guide, you can expect your pin to measure somewhere in the region of 3cms at its widest point and 2cms at its tallest/droopiest boobiest. It come packaged on a lovely branded backing card.

*Even when I see her in person I insist on calling Lucie Ellen, Lucie Ellen. I can't help it.



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