CATE / Large Concrete Vessel


Handmade by Emma in her Edinburgh studio, these coloured concrete vessels are moulded using found objects and recycled materials. Every one is completely unique in colour, texture and design. And with every little mould imprint, with every little swirl, bubble, line, grain and 'imperfection', they tell a wee story. At least, they do to me. They've also been known to say, 'No, Carrie. Do not eat us. We may look delicious but we are concrete', and I thank them for that.

Your large CATE vessel measures approximately 9cms tall and approximately 9cms in diameter.  Colours in this design include mint green, pale turquoise, pastel pink, deep blue and a brilliant little dash of yellow. Click through the product photos to see CATE from different angles.

I'm calling CATE a 'vessel' because you can use yours however you like. Maybe it's a planter. Maybe it's a pen pot? Maybe it's a utensil holder. Maybe it's a decorative art object... It's up to you.

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