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Crisp Sandwiches: A Guide Book

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Every morning, Garry Maclennan and I start the day by drinking cups of tea together in his office. We talk about our plans for the day, our plans generally... On this particular day, I asked him what he was up to and he said, 'I'm taking photos of crisp sandwiches. And then I'm going to make a book.' And so he did. And here it is. 

This is 'Crisp Sandwiches: A Guide Book' by Garry Maclennan. Printed on lovely smooth A5 paper, it features 10 crisp sandwich 'recipes', 10 ace photographs of crisp sandwiches and a snazzy crisp packet pull-out poster. From what to do with a McCoys Ridge Cut to what NEVER to do with a Skip, you'll want to taste test all of these savoury snacks.

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