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Silver Lady Charm


Must. Not. Sing. David. Soul. Song. I shan't. Instead, I will tell you that I love these Silver Lady Charms and that you should totally buy one. 

Your Silver Lady measures approximately 10cms at her tallest point and approximately 5cms at her widest. She is made of real leather and is printed by hand.

She comes with her own individual quirks. No two are the same. I can also confirm that her hinge clasp is very satisfying.

Use her as a keyring, attach her to your bag - or to anything you like, really. My Silver Lady isn't attached to anything. She sits by my desk.

I'm sorry. I cannot hold it in. "Come on silver lady, take my wo-ord! I won't run out on you again, belieeeeve me..." Here's a wee David Soul treat for you. 

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