An Accidental Poem

Published on 10 September 2015

Thanks for visiting my new website. I accidentally wrote a poem for you. 

It's got cats in it. And biscuits. 


by Carrie Not The Kind of Girl You'd Marry

Here’s to shocking pink and electric blue, to egg yolk yellow and green.

Here’s to punchy patterns and daring design.

Here’s. To. Laughing.

Here’s to potatoes, to cardigans, to cats.

Here’s to wearing sequins and hats.

Here’s to stories and music and crying.

Here’s to calamities, conundrums and triumphs.

Here’s to Salad Cream sandwiches.

Here’s to buried desires and secret ambitions.

Here’s to hosiery, to tweezers and biscuits.

Here’s to post-it notes and bath bombs and books.

Here’s to nostalgia.

Here’s to making home feel happy, to keeping fashion fun and style sassy.

Here’s to growing up - not just older, but bolder.

Here’s to living life in technicolour

(and to keeping the cutlery drawer tidy like a decent human being).

1 comment

  • Pauline MacLennan: 17 September, 2015

    All of the above and tidy draws

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